Pictures of the header © Romane Iskaria

Pictures of the header © Romane Iskaria


During this solo showcase moment, the audience is involved in LARA LELIANE’s research around vulnerability.
The question at the heart of this work is :
Is making oneself vulnerable a weakness or a strength ?
Both the notion of radical frankness and the live experience form the pillars of this new work, based on a series if texts on the complexity of the trauma bond and the search for emancipation.
The performance is built around the voice and the grand piano. By choosing to accompany herself on the piano and to sing in French, Lara deliberately steps out of her comfort zone. As a result, the line of vulnerability is extended to the extreme. What does this do to her and what does it do to the viewer?

 Concert – Free – Performance – Work  in progress – 29/06/2024 – 20h30 – Pianofabriek


“Freed from genres, styles and the like, she can measure up to the greats of the world, albeit with a certain modesty”

De Subjectivisten

“It’s hard not to fall under the spell of the beautiful voice of Lara Leliane and her indie and chamber pop songs.”

Cocktail Nouvelle Vague

“Lara is free. As a bird. As the air.”


“Lara’s music can be outlined in two words : ‘tranquil strength’”

Artiste à la une

“Lara is easily way ahead of the average songwriter level.”